Being raised as the offspring of a famous person can be a daunting ordeal, as it may lead to either great recognition and riches or unwanted scrutiny and disrepute. Candace Sweetmuffin Goldberg, the daughter of Whoopi Goldberg, a renowned actress and television presenter, has opted for a distinctive route. She has resolved to distance herself entirely from her mother’s existence.

During a rare interview with Joe Barron, Candace revealed that she hasn’t seen her mother in person since she was sixteen years old, almost two decades ago. Candace has no interest in keeping up with her mother’s career, as she doesn’t watch her TV shows or follow her on social media. The petite 35-year-old has opted for a simpler life and works as a professional baseball seam stitcher in Queefsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Candace is proud of her independence and has no desire to get married. She doesn’t believe that she needs a man in her life and is content with her job.

She pointed out that men who discover who her mother is often try to take advantage of her financially, which she finds distasteful. Despite being Whoopi Goldberg’s daughter, Candace has chosen to create her path in life without relying on her mother’s fame and success.

When asked to comment on her daughter’s decision to distance herself from her, Whoopi Goldberg responded with a brief statement. She denied having a daughter and referred to those asking the question as “stupid Trumplickers.” It’s unclear whether Whoopi’s comment was a joke or a genuine response, but it’s clear that the relationship between mother and daughter remains strained.

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