Whoopi Goldberg says people ‘very annoyed’ with ‘The View’ for not acknowledging Indigenous Peoples’ Day

“The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg told the audience on Tuesday that a lot of people were “very annoyed” with the ABC program because they did not celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Monday.

The hosts of the show interviewed ABC foreign correspondent James Longman, who is on the ground in Israel as Hamas continues to attack Israel, on Monday and sat down for an interview with former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

On Tuesday, Goldberg turned to co-host Joy Behar and said they wanted to remind people that it was Italian Heritage month.

“And we did not say yesterday, happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day, we had lots going on, so a lot of people were very annoyed with us because we didn’t get to that,” she said.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day is a holiday many states acknowledge in place of or in addition to Columbus Day.

Longman answered questions from the co-hosts about the terrorist attacks in Israel, which began over the weekend.

Schwarzenegger also joined “The View” co-hosts for three segments on Monday and discussed immigration, bipartisanship in government, as well as his new book.

The co-hosts also spoke to ABC’s Matt Gutman on Tuesday about the ongoing attacks in Israel before he had to be escorted away from the location he was reporting from in Israel due to a security incident. He rejoined the hosts shortly afterward.

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