A loyal audience for the Fox TV series named Gülcemal has started to form, which is a good thing. However, the ratings of the series are still below average and a complete cut-throat situation has started to emerge for Fox TV.

There is a common opinion on social media that Murat Ünalmış and Melis Sezen duo adapt better to each other and spread better energy as new episodes are released every week. 4 episodes are left behind in the Gülcemal series and a loyal audience has already begun to form. However, there is also a situation that leaves Fox TV in a dilemma.

The support for the series is increasing on social media, the ratings start to get better as the weeks progress, but as the rates below average come, a picture that the channel management does not want is formed.

The story of the Gülcemal series is fluent, and a curious audience has formed that follows the series fondly. You can also observe the increase in the support of this audience on social media. Of course, if the ratings cannot reach good levels at this level of loyalty, there is the big dilemma.

Although Fox TV received triple ratings, it has spent so many TV series that it might be even better if it had patience, and it is not difficult for Gülcemal to join those productions.

The reasons such as the fact that the Gülcemal series rose a little in all people and ABC1 groups, but fell below the 2nd rate in the AB group, and could not be among the top 10 productions in the list, are annoying for Fox TV management.

While this situation is happening at the point of the ratings, the fact that the viewers start to show more and more loyalty to the series every week brings a big dilemma.

Fox TV will not want to continue if the ratings of the Gülcemal series do not rise above the average, but as the loyalty to the series increases with each new week, the reaction of the audience will be harsher.

Because of this dilemma, the Gülcemal series will become a bigger problem for Fox TV every week.

The show is likely to stay on screen until the end of this season, but needs better ratings to continue next season.

Gülcemal series will take its place on the screen on Thursday evening, May 4 with its 5th new episode, let’s see how the ratings will develop this time.

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