Ratings have become an important detail again in the Safir series, which attracted great attention abroad!

8 episodes of the Safir (Sapphire) series, which meets with the audience on the ATV screen on Monday evenings, are left behind. İlhan Şen, Özge Yağız and Burak Berkay Akgül, who star in the series, had a good energy. The lead performance of all three young actors receives great support from the audience.

While the shooting of the series continues in Cappadocia, we can say that the story continues in an interesting way and continues to be appreciated by a wide audience.

The interest of the series abroad is also quite high, and we can see from internet searches that there is a great interest in the Safir series, especially from Latin American countries.

However, there is a slight decline in the local audience’s intense interest in the series. This decline showed itself once again in the 8th episode, which was broadcast last Monday evening.

Although very successful rates are achieved in all categories and an above average rating is achieved, it is of great importance that the core audience does not decrease in order for the series to stay on the screen for a longer time.

Ratings have become a very important detail again for the Safir series. The excitement of the story and the aspects that attract the audience are many, but we also see that the viewers of domestic TV series do not experience the same excitement in terms of supporting the productions for a long time.

The high level of excitement along with the surprises and new events in the story of the Safir series will have a very positive impact on the ratings. It is also of great importance how the series’ ratings will be in the 9th episode, which will be broadcast on Monday, October 30th.

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