Our thoughts and prayers go out to the great actor Sylvester Stallone and his family for their tra.gic loss

Losing a kid, whether they are young or old, is the most agonizing experience a person can have in life.

The t ragic 2012 dea th of Sage Stallone, the famous Hollywood actor’s first child, is well known; Sylvester Stallone can attest to this personally.

Less well known is the fact that just weeks before Stallone passed away, Sage’s mother, Sasha Czack, requested that Sage forgo getting extensive dental work.

Before the true cause of Sage’s terrible d eath is known, there are many theories floating around; these range from drug use to alcoholism to suicide. But ultimately, the reality would hurt more than anyone could have imagined.

Childhood, adolescence, and adulthood are difficult times.

A child’s d eath is an unfathomable tra gedy. Sylvester “Rocky Balboa” Stallone, however, already had a challenging life before suffering the terrible loss of his son, who passed away at the age of 36.

Stallone’s real life was very similar to the well-known Rocky Balboa character, which helped him become one of Hollywood’s most popular actors.

Before being made to experience a difficult upbringing, Sylvester was roughly birthed. He came out fighting because he knew that embracing life would not be easy. His tongue and chin were partially paralyzed during birth due to the severance of one of his facial nerves.

Stallone’s trademark smirk, which helped make him famous as a public figure in many ways but had a devastating impact on him as a child, was inspired by the same tra gedy and its consequences.

Stallone has stated that due to his disfigurement, he felt like “Mr. Potato Head” with parts of his face in the wrong position. To make matters worse, Stallone was raised by an angry father and a cold mother who hardly gave him a “kiss twice” during his formative years.

Naturally, Stallone developed into a rather troubled child as a result of this. He was prone to getting into mischief.

By the time he was 12 years old, he had been expelled from 13 schools and had fractured 11 bones due to a variety of actions, such as jumping off a roof while holding an umbrella.

Stallone’s career path ultimately took him into movies and bodybuilding.

Years of adversity preceded Stallone’s amazing triumph. He has mentioned sleeping rough at the Port Authority in Manhattan. Things changed drastically for the better after getting chosen for the 1976 role in the first Rocky movie.

From Slumber to Wealth

Prior to becoming famous and wealthy, Stallone wed his first wife, the photographer and director Sasha Czack. Their two sons were Sage, born in 1976, and Seargeoh, born in 1979.

After Sylvester and Czack were divorced in 1985, he later wed actress and model Brigitte Nielsen. Unfortunately, the marriage would not last, and two years later they got divorced.

According to the proverb, a third marriage is a charm, and Stallone wed model and businesswoman Jennifer Flavin in 1997. The couple are now wed and have three kids together: Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet Stallone.

Stallone’s life was therefore characterized by both highs and lows. The moment he lost his firstborn son Sage, though, will always be the most memorable.

Sage Stallone, a businessman and movie enthusiast, dabbled in acting throughout his brief 36 years on earth. He even appeared with his father in a couple movies, such as Rocky V and Daylight.

Sage established Grindhouse Releasing, a business devoted to remastering, conserving, and restoring motion pictures.

Sage’s housekeeping team found him dead in his Los Angeles condominium on July 13, 2012. Rumors about the cause of death started circulating rather quickly.

When Sage passed away, it wasn’t immediately obvious when it happened. Some media reports said that he may have been d ead for a few days before being found.

The proof of a final Facebook post written just 17 hours before his dea th was uncovered dispelled this notion.

There were other rumors, one of which stated that Sage had a room filled with alcohol bottles. As a result, it was argued that Sage’s demise was brought on by abusing drugs or alcohol.

Sage’s close friend and attorney George Braunstein helped put these rumors to rest. According to Braunstein, Sage smoked, drank candies and soda, but he did not consume alcohol. The “strange” bottles in his chamber were in fact bottles of Dr. Brown’s Cream Soda.

Sage was a gifted, sensitive, and impressionable young boy. According to Braunstein, Sage had never used drugs or alcohol and had no significant health difficulties.

Sage’s suicide, another theory surrounding his de ath, was ultimately ruled out as a possibility. The young man was going to wed his longtime partner, and no suicide note was found.

He was “very creative, bright, and full of life,” Braunstein told E! News. “There were no troubles, no gloomy or dark moments, and especially no money problems.”

According to postmortem results, Sage passed away as a result of atherosclerosis, an artery hardening that led to a heart attack. The toxicology results showed that he had some pain medication in his system, but there had not been an overdose.

The Future Route

Stallone called the two weeks spent waiting to learn the reason of d eath “extremely tough” and “full with agony.”

Stallone made every effort to get back to work in order to as much as possible keep his mind off of his suffering.

With his second son and three beautiful daughters, he can finally stand tall and proud. He can only remain hopeful that time will continue to aid in his recovery.

The other members of the Stallone family are prospering. His second child, Seargeoh, has never been in the spotlight because he has autism and was given that diagnosis as a young child.

Sophia and Sistine, sisters of model and aspiring actress Scarlet, are the hosts of the podcast “Unwaxed.”

What a tr agic tale, but I’m glad Sylvester Stallone has his other adorable kids to comfort him.

Isn’t it remarkable how a mother can have such strong instincts about her children?

Share this post with others to serve as a reminder of this and to preserve Sage Stallone’s memory.

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