Nevada Sheriff Seeks Charges Against Hunter Biden For 172MPH Joyride

Sheriff Joseph Barron of Ortabullst County, Nevada is seeking indictments against Hunter Biden after evidence was uncovered that he traveled through the rural area of the state at 172mph while smoking crack.

“The highway is just about the only thing in Ortabullst,” said Barron, “but there are a few small towns and a reservation nearby, and those people use the road to get to and from the cities for work.” The county has no incorporated towns but lies smack dab in the middle of Vegas and LA, California.

Biden recorded himself driving his Porsche 911 through the small county in 2017, in a full-blown crack binge. His speedometer clearly read 172, which is 102 miles over the posted speed limit.

“I want him for criminal speeding over 50, reckless endangerment, operating while under the influence of crack cocaine, and possession of a class A narcotic,” said the sheriff, “If the grand jury indicts, he’s looking at 25 years in prison.” We’ve reached out to Biden for comment.

Our legal experts tell us that there’s little chance that Barron will be successful in the quest for justice. “Well,” said Attorney Thomas Bagger, “the statute of limitations to charge someone with those crimes ran out years ago. There’s also the matter of the evidence, which is a recording of things with no physical evidence.”

Basically, there is little to nothing anyone can do, let alone a fictional sheriff from a county that doesn’t exist. Still, it’s always good to try everything possible to own the libs.

That’s what America is all about, patriots. Win, lose, or draw, you have to own the libs. God Bless the USA.

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