Neighbors Furious With What He Did To His House

People often believe that residential design communicates a lot about a human’s spirit. Mountain View is the name of a street that’s located in Pflugerville in Texas. The residential properties that are there have pretty standard appearances. People in the neighborhood frequently spot structures that are gray, tan or white.

That was no longer the case after Emilio Rodriguez arrived, though. Rodriguez managed to get through a terrible vehicle accident when he was a little boy. He was merely four-years-old when he endured this traumatic situation.

Although he made it through the accident, he became paralyzed for good. He is devoid of feeling in any parts of his body that are lower than his waist. He’s had to manage an abundance of surgical procedures since he’s been an adult. He currently is in a wheelchair at all times.

There is no disputing that Rodriguez has had to endure all sorts of setbacks throughout his existence. He has a single thing working out for him, though. That thing is pink, the color. Pink has the power to uplift his thoughts.

Rodriguez went through a lot as he had to take on his health woes in the past. He realized throughout that time period that pink is a color that’s serene. It can enhance his spirits. He purchased a home that appealed to him greatly a couple of years back. He comprehended that he had no option but to paint the Pflugerville property totally pink. His significant other and relatives requested that he refrain from doing this. They desperately wanted to dissuade him. Rodriguez wouldn’t budge, however. He longed to go with his instincts. He came across the ideal pink tone for his residence. He was motivated by his tattoos. They’re particularly vivid in coloration, after all.

He moved forward with painting his property a noticeable pink. It wasn’t just pink in tiny spots, either. He painted the home pink literally everywhere. Rodriguez took on the painting assignment himself. He started behind the home and then moved elsewhere. This individual hasn’t completed his pink home mission in the slightest. He wants to introduce a driveway that has pink tiles to it later. He wants to illuminate his backyard using spotlights that are pink. He’s thinking about perhaps making his wheelchair a pleasant pink tone as well.

Rodriguez is pleased with the outcome of his pink home effort. The truth is, though, that he has neighbors who are frustrated by the whole thing. They in many cases think that the structure all of a sudden is way too conspicuous. This doesn’t deter Rodriguez, though. He has no concerns that relate to other peoples’ opinions. The irritated people who are in his surroundings have no ability to exasperate him. People wonder what compelled Rodriguez to select this specific community. He reveals that he liked that it was a community that didn’t have a homeowners association that could halt his preparations. His pink residential property is one-of-a-kind.

That’s why it’s no shocker that it’s taken social media networks by storm in recent times. He learned that his home is quite polarizing. They are people who praise it and genuinely admire it. There are just as many people who find it quite appalling to their senses. Rodriguez indicates that people have sent him feedback that’s not exactly warm.

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