Michael Jordan Snaps Back at Joy Reid: “Some Of Us Earned Our Place”

Joy Reid’s tirade about how much minority kids need Affirmative Action to get into a good school has been called both racist and self-deprecating by a lot of people online. When basketball great Michael Jordan snapped at her at a recent event in Chicago, she told friends “That one hurt.”

“Some of us earned our place, Joy,” Jordan shouted out at a luncheon for famous blacks with ties to the area, “We didn’t need to list our race on our college applications.”

The crowd burst out in laughter, with nearly half getting up and walking out. “I’ve never seen Reid that embarrassed, said ALLOD Correspondent Skip Tetheludah, “she took off out the back door and checked out of the hotel.”

Jordan took to the podium after she left to assure the crowd that he would personally make sure that no black children who deserve to go to Harvard but can’t will get in.

“As long as they can dunk from the free throw line, they’re set,” he told Skip, “black kids aren’t sitting around waiting to get recruited by good schools. They’re out there competing against each other to see who will rise because of a natural athletic gift and who will sit home because they can’t shoot, regardless of their understanding of quantum physics.”

“Michael Jordan always has a way of explaining things so I can understand them,” said Skip, “he’s charismatic.”

There you have it, patriots. Only here in the great US of A can you create a quote that is both Forrest Gump and Rita Glostner. God Bless America.

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