Look, who is the invisible hero in the success of the Yabani TV series starring Halit Özgür Sarı and Simay Barlas?

While the Fox TV series titled Yabani (Wild Heart) has achieved very successful ratings this season, the reason why it has reached this point is that its story is very interesting. Teamwork lies behind the success of the series, where Halit Özgür Sarı and Simay Barlas are a good couple and look good to the audience with their high energy.

However, for the series to continue on its way with such a good story, it is necessary to mention an invisible hero. Screenwriter Hilal Yıldız, who made a statement to television critic Sina Koloğlu, has to work until the morning to make millions of viewers enjoy a story full of surprises every week.

As the excitement level of the series increases every week, it is a matter of curiosity how Hilal Yıldız will cope with this pace. Answering Sina Koloğlu’s question, the screenwriter said the following about how much he struggled to present the best to the audience:

“Opening the story so quickly was a big and risky move, yes. After each episode, we were getting reactions like “Okay, what are you going to write in the next episode?” We still do… Everyone is both very happy with the scripts read and worried about the continuation of the story… But this was a decision. We chose to tell our story this way and we pay the price by working until the morning. We can say that we challenged ourselves.”

The script, which was prepared by screenwriter Hilal Yıldız by working until the morning, is prepared for the screen as a result of intense effort by both the actors and the technical team of the series.

While the TV series Yabani left its mark on Tuesday evenings with its 6-point ratings, while the script team is trying to keep the story alive with new conflicts, scenes full of unexpected conflicts seem to increase the excitement of the audience in front of the screen.

Of course, how long screenwriter Hilal Yıldız can withstand this intense tempo will be an important criterion for the success of the Yabani TV series.

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