Kid Rock Jolts America With Ultra-MAGA Move – His Summer Concerts Close the Door to Snowflakes

Kid Rock has never been shy about sharing his political views: he’s a proud American and he’s all about “MAGA.”

He’ll never apologize for that and in fact, in true rock God fashion, he’s going to hammer his point home this summer. That’s when he’ll launch a new series of hard-hitting concerts.

And this particular tour has a two-word slogan — which is likely to tick off every liberal in the country.

The 52-year-old rocker posted an image on it’s a poster from Live Nation that advertises four upcoming arena concerts between June and July. Each concert will boast a different special guest, too.

But it’s the tagline of the shows that’s getting attention:

“No Snowflakes.” That’s turning plenty of heads, which is exactly what Kid Rock wants to do.

He also gave the post the following caption:

Pre-sale tickets will be available on March 7 and general sales will begin on March 10. For more info, visit .

He’ll do two shows in Texas (Austin and Ft. Worth), one in Nashville, Tennessee, and one in Detroit.

Kid Rock has spoken out against the “woke” movement numerous times, and recently complained of “dumb liberals” bringing their politics to red states, and attempting to erase American history.

At the time, he said “we’re sick of seeing history torn to the ground.”

The veteran rock star added that conservatives in red states feel as if they’re “under invasion” from places like California and New York, though he understands why many are leaving Democrat-run areas:
A lot of people say it, and they say it under their breath, but they’re scared to say it out loud. So, once again, I’ll be the guy:

They come here leaving these woke policies from those cities for better schools, lower taxes, lower crime. You have talked about it a million times.

We kind of tell them to leave your effing politics at the state line from where you’re coming. And this is just one more example.
Conservative celebrities aren’t common these days, so if they’re not vocal about it they likely won’t get much attention from the leftist-dominated media.

However, people like Kid Rock refuse to be silenced by a regime that seems to have a complete stranglehold on the media, entertainment, education, and government.

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