Impressive tips from Halit Özgür Sarı to the fans of the Yabani TV series!

Famous actor Halit Özgür Sarı became one of the actors who made the most effective debut of this season with the TV series Yabani ( Wild Heart). The actor, who has a good rapport with his partner Simay Barlas, enjoys being on the screen with a story that the audience likes.

The actor, who shares various posts on social media to excite the audience before or after the new episodes of the series, also gives some tips.

After the seventh episode of the series was very successful, Halit Özgür Sarı gave a message for the eighth episode and continued to give tips by saying, “7 will break hearts, 8 will make you go crazy again, 9 will be the episode where you understand Yaman best.”

The young actor, who exaggerated a little by stating that there will be stories that will drive the audience crazy in the eighth new episode, which will be broadcast on October 31, thinks that the 9th episode will be very effective in understanding the character of Yaman well.

Referring to the 9th episode of the Yabani series, which will be broadcast on Tuesday, November 7, the actor does his best to keep the excitement of the audience high and uses social media very successfully for the success of the series.

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