Fans missed Hande Erçel, the actress announced that they are currently talking about projects.

There have been allegations for a while that Burak Deniz and Hande Erçel will return to the screens with a new TV series called İki Yabancı (Two Strangers).

Hande Erçel, on the other hand, said that there is no complete clarity about the new project yet. The actress said, “We are talking about projects. “Nothing is clear at the moment,” she said.

Stating that it was a project he had read but nothing became clear, the actress also explained that the script was important for her to accept a project.

Hande Erçel, who is on the agenda with her love for Hakan Sabancı, does not want to answer questions about her private life.

The actress, who was on the screen with the romantic comedy series called Sen Çal Kapımı, was also talked about abroad thanks to this project.

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