Hande Erçel on one side, Demet Özdemir on the other! Competition is tough on social media, but the truth is one!

Famous actress Demet Özdemir started the TV series Adım Farah (My Name is Farah) last season with her partner Engin Akyürek. The TV series Adım Farah, whose first 14 episodes were broadcast, attracted attention, but its ratings were never as high as expected. With the insistent attitude of Turkish TV series followers abroad, Adım Farah series was given another chance.

The Adım Farah series, which started the second season with a changed story and newly added characters, unfortunately did not show much hope with the ratings of the 15th episode.

You can see on social media that some viewers said that the ratings of Adım Farah were low due to the movie Bergen starring Farah Zeynep Abdullah on the same evening. However, Adım Farah series fell into this situation because it could not attract a loyal audience. In other words, it seems likely that the ratings of the series will not be very good in the coming weeks.

Hande Erçel appeared on the set again with Burak Deniz after many years. The series called Bambaşka Biri (Another Someone) is broadcast on Monday evenings and the first 3 episodes are left behind. Although there was a decrease in the ratings in the third episode, which was broadcast on the evening of September 25, the rates are still very good. If the ratings at the 4th level continue, the Completely Different Project may find an environment where it can become even stronger in the coming weeks.

On social media, comparisons between Demet Özdemir and Hande Erçel became even more intense. Fans of these two actresses, who have been in a secret rivalry for years, are in disagreement about which one is more effective.

Neither Hande Erçel’s fans nor Demet Özdemir’s fans accept that the other side is better than them. If we look at the number of Instagram followers, Hande Erçel is followed by 31 million people and Demet Özdemir is followed by 16 million people.

When we look at the ratings, Hande Erçel’s project achieves much better results.

Fans of the series also started a race to criticize each other on social media with comparisons between Demet Özdemir and Hande Erçel.

However, there is a fact that both actors seem to be Turkey’s most influential female actors abroad. Both of them contribute greatly to the promotion of the country and both have millions of fans around the world.

This being the case, the competition over who is better is nothing more meaningful than a sweet bickering. It would not be wrong to say that both of them have proven themselves with their success, revealed their talents and dazzled their fans with their beauty.

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