İlayda Alişan plays the leading role with the character of Gülayşe in the Ateş Kuşları (Firebirds) series, which stands out as a street children’s story.

For İlayda Alişan, this series has a slightly different meaning than all her other roles. Because the main subject of the series is street children and their difficulties in life.

In fact, you see street children who manage to become a family in the Ateş Kuşları series, but it is a separate reality that there are very few people who can provide this in real life.

İlayda Alişan expressed the emotionality that the series created for her with these words: “I didn’t expect it to be this hard. I really have become a more empathetic person. My sensitivity towards children has increased a lot. Along with this job. So I feel like I have a much bigger responsibility on me. I think it was nice. It makes me feel good to be instrumental in making this awareness first for myself and then for everyone watching. That’s why it’s also a source of pride.”

It has to be said that the reason why İlayda Alişan is so ascribed to her role is that she reflects her emotions on the stage.

Those who go to the screen and watch the Ateş Kuşları project on Friday nights are aware of how sincerely the young actress plays her role.

İlayda Alişan also perceives this series as a great responsibility given to her to raise awareness for street children.

The following words of the actress about how much she was affected by the story did not go unnoticed: “The things I play during the day are so heavy for me that sometimes I have a headache when I go home in the evening. We are all very affected by the excess of emotions, the intensity. It’s a huge experience for me. It’s nice to be experiencing that at this time in my career.”

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