Emotions will be mixed. The Aile series will start the second season with a bang! Welcome to hell!

The Aile (Family) series, which aired 13 episodes on Show TV last season, was met with great interest. The lead performance of Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and Serenay Sarıkaya received praise after praise. With the strong touches of screenwriter Hakan Bonomo, the Aile series achieved significant success by ranking first in the ratings.

The 13-episode first season is behind us, but the taste left in the palate of Aile series fans carried over to the second season. In other words, millions of viewers waiting for the series are very excited and believe that the new season will go very well. It seems like Hakan Bonomo will have surprises in the story.

We can understand from the trailers that the story of the Aile series, which will start its second season on Tuesday, October 3, will undergo a serious change. There will be a great chase between Devin and Aslan. While Devin is trying to escape from life and reality, Aslan will use his child trump card to convince her.

A new trailer has been released for the 14th new episode of the series produced by Ay Yapım. In the trailer where Aslan asks Devin for another chance, Devin rebels and explains to Aslan that she is even afraid of himself.

The first signals of the war that will take place between Cihan and Hülya in the new season, where all the family balances of the Soykans will change, are given in the trailer.

Moving scenes await the viewers in the TV series Aile, with the war waged by the character Cihan, played by Nejat İşler, against Hülya. Cihan’s words “Welcome to hell” are enough to explain how striking the new era of the series will be.

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