Those who watch the Ateş Kuşları (Firebirds) series wonder where the characters Zıpkın and Hüma will be thrown into the story. At this point, there is a clue that two young actors, Erdem Şanlı and Lilya İrem Salman gave to the audience… The encounter of Hüma and Zıpkın, which started with a fight, seems to transform into love, as in many real life stories.

Both young actors offered some information to the audience who were wondering what would happen to these two characters in the future episodes of the series. Answering questions from social media, the duo gave the following information about how Hüma and Zıpkın will progress in the story.

Erdem Şanlı: Will they be able to talk and explain themselves? Will a love begin?

Lilya İrem Salman: What happened, we saw the coincidence, I’m having a fight. There is love in the end, I guess.

Erdem Şanlı: If you say so, it is so, I cannot say anything more. I can’t say anything more.

The viewers of the Ateş Kuşları series can understand from these words that a fiery love will soon begin between Hüma and Zıpkın characters.

Will Hüma confront her family for Zıpkın? Many viewers are asking questions about this. Lilya İrem Salman said, “As Hüma, I really want to confront my family, but how dare I do it, what will I encounter when I do. Because as you can see, my mother can knock me over with one eyebrow. I wish I had the courage to do it,” she said.

Describing the situation from Hüma’s point of view, the actress tells how hard it was for her to confront her family, even for her love.

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