Eylül Lize Kandemir is one of the young names in the series project of Kardeşlerim (For My Family). Like many young actors in the series, Eylül is also one of the names that shine on the screen.

The young people of the series became famous one after another. Social media has doubled the popularity of the actors as a very effective medium in this regard.

Many viewers will remember Eylül Lize Kandemir from the character of Filiz in the TV series Zemheri, which was broadcast in 2020. Some viewers may also know her as Janset in Elbet Bir Gün, or Ferda in Ah Nerede. However, it would not be wrong to say that a very large fan base knows her in the project of Kardeşlerim.

Yasmin, who is the daughter of Ahmet and Şevval in the story, is also the sister of Ömer and Sarp. We can say that the character of Yasmin is not liked very much by the fans of the series, who are passionately attached to the love of Asiye and Doruk because of her liking for Doruk.

Eylül Lize Kandemir, speaking to the “Dizi TV” program, also made a self-criticism by stating that she is a self-confident person and sometimes makes idiots.

The actress says: “I’m at peace with myself. Of course, people can criticize themselves from time to time. When do I criticize myself the most? I don’t know if it’s right to put it like that, but I’m angry at my stupidity.”

Explaining that what she does every day is skin care and she never neglects it, the actress stated that she constantly washes her face and uses creams, and that doing skin care makes her feel very comfortable.

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