8 Body Parts Acnes Can Appear And What Triggers Them

Acne is a way for your body to tell you something is not okay. Even though acne might appear from lifestyle choices and environmental causes, in some cases, it might determine internal health issues.

Viral Strange has gathered some insightful information that will help you determine the cause of your acne appearance in 8 body parts. Please, be sure to see a doctor for further medical advice and treatments.

1. On the nose

The pores in our noses are larger than other parts of our faces. It is easier for bacteria to clog in larger pores. Furthermore, the skin is oilier and more prone to acne.

The acne that appears on the nose might be related to stress or diet but usually, it happens because of poor hygiene. You may add some Tea Tree Oil to your skincare routine, or sodium sulfacetamide and sulfur to prevent bacteria from multiplying.

2. On the forehead

Oil production on your skin is the responsible factor for acne on the forehead. If not because of medications, stress, or hormones, ance on the forehead might appear because of oily hair which may transfer the oil on the forehead and clog its pores.

On the other hand, wrong cleansers, waxes, or gels might be the reason behind acne on the forehead. Try to find the right cleanser for this area, or avoid oily hair products.

3. Around the mouth

If you stop touching the area around your mouth you might get rid of that acne! Yes. It might be hormonal or genetics, as well. Acne around your mouth can also appear because of musical instruments, or cosmetics.

Make sure to clean your skin with a gentle cleanser. Use non-comedogenic and oil-free products, which will help keep your pores intact. If acne around this area appears frequently, see a dermatologist.

4. Jaw and neck

Well… Jaw and neck acne is caused by hormonal disbalance. These changes lead to increased androgens hormones.

Acne in the jaw area or neck might appear during menstrual cycles or while taking birth control. A good non-comedogenic cleanser and acne treatment can be a good solution.

5. On the cheeks

Touching your face is the first cause of acne appearance. Secondly, dirty sheets or pillowcases are also an indicator of why you have acne on the cheeks. Furthermore, using a phone which stays close to your cheeks might transfer all the bacteria.

On the other hand, it might be hormonal. In cases like lifestyle habits, you can take care of acne or prevent it before appearing. How? Wipe your phone. Wash your hands often. Change your sheets regularly.

6. On your back

Back acne might appear because of allergies to creams and other cosmetics. However, our sweat might also be the reason why that acne appears. The sweat mixes with toxins on our skin and clogs the pores. Do a proper wash of your back.

On the other hand, poor hygiene might also contribute to getting acne on the back. Dirty clothes and sheets can cause irritations on your skin, which turn into acne. Dirty clothes, blankets, and pillows can become a major cause of back acne as well. Also, stress can be put into the equation, as well.

7. On legs

Acne on the legs is a physical issue. Usually when legs are rubbing against some clothing or equipment, might be irritated and get the bacteria.

Do not confuse simple acne with folliculitis, eczema, or keratosis pilaris. That is why it is suggested to see a doctor if the acne is itchy and painful.

8. On your chest

Sensitive skin on the chest is easier to get irritated by many factors. Getting acne on the chest might happen because of the detergents we use to wash our clothes, or wearing too tight clothes in general. Choose sulfate and fragrance-free hypoallergenic products for your washing.

Also, some body lotions might contain pore-blocking ingredients. Be careful when you choose cosmetics by selecting oil-free and non-pore-clogging products.

Do you have acne in any of these body parts? Was this article helpful to get a better understanding of why they appear? Tell us more in the comment section below.

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