7 facts you may not know about Turkish actor Kerem Bürsin

Have gained immense popularity, particularly over the last year after appearing on the Turkish drama series Sen Çal Kapimi (You Knock On My Door) with co-star and now-girlfriend Hande Erçel, we take a look at some facts you might not know about actor Kerem Bürsin.

He was raised in the USA
While he was born in Istanbul, Turkey, Bürsin’s family moved around a lot living in countries including Scotland, Indonesia and the UAE.

In 1999, when he was 12, his family relocated to Texas in the USA, where the Bürsin finished his school years and attended university – Emerson College in Boston.

His film debut was in 2006

Bürsin kick-started his acting career appearing on the big screen in 2006, having been cast in a film entitled Thursday. The film focused on a talented young assassin who was ready to go back to normal life, however, he one final assignment before doing so.

He won the Seoul International Best Actor award

Bürsin went on to star on TV shows such as Güneși Beklerken (2013-2014) and Șeref Meselesi (2014-2015). He then went on to win the Seoul International Best Actor Award, which honours excellence in television drama productions worldwide.

His net worth runs into the millions

As per Top Planet Info, the actor’s net worth is reportedly upwards of $2 million (Dhs7.35 million) in the year 2020.

He has impeccable style

Whether seen on the red carpet for the Golden Globe awards or simply posing for a photo on Instagram, the actor is every bit dapper in each outfit. From white crisp shirts to well-fitted suits, he’s definitely a style icon for his loyal fan base.

He has been an ambassador for several well-known brands

During his career, Bürsin had been offered the role to be the face of a popular denim brand called Mavi, along with working for other such popular brands including Lipton, Nike, Nescafé and many more.

He’s currently working on the TV series Sen Çal Kapimi

Being one of the most followed series to date, the show’s name translates as ‘You Knock on My Door’ and premiered last year. Starring opposite fellow actress Hande Ercel, the duo pretends to be engaged in the series, as comedy begins and romance begins to stir. The pair have enthralled fans with their on-screen chemistry, which has translated into real life with the couple confirming their off-screen romance earlier this year.

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